Jesse Robertson works as an artist out of London Ontario where she obtained a BFA honours specialization from The University of Western Ontario. She works in almost every kind of paint available. She has had shows and toured all over Ontario with her
personal paintings. She currently does murals around the city,  private custom commissions, has worked as a portrait painter,  and has taught painting classes to children, adults and seniors.

Jesse Started Keep It Colourful in 2015 to spread her painting knowledge and absolute love of painting


She credits an active mind and imagination as the most powerful medicine in coping with severe, crippling rheumatoid arthritis which afflicted her at 12 years of age. She believes being curious gives one the ability to transcend physical limitations believing " it's harder to feel confinement or pain if you're full of wonder". She paints  daily and when not doing  this can be found ( mostly very late at night) researching and reading for creative fuel. Unfortunately, she has never been able to pick a favourite colour. 

Her best friend is a little blue-eyed rescue cat