Keep It Colourful - Paint Night

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" When a person focuses creatively, time, pain, and troubles pass unnoticed for hours. Its a healthy way to detach. Like meditation, making art offers a mental rest through intense concentration. I think every one needs to do a little painting! "

" I've got a fine-art side and a fun-art  side ... together they fill my gaps and make me, me"

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For the safety of our customers, hosts, and venues, we are only offering Virtual Tutorial Videosuntil April 16th.  So stay safe, and keep it colourful

Painting is a fun and challenging way to express yourself. It is truly engaging. wether you're tossing paint in fervid bursts or wrestling with the technicalities of perspective, the act of painting is both meditative and expressive; so it has the power to heal. it heals me.  

I want to paint all the things! Join me :)

Welcome to Keep It Colourful!

Founded by artist Jesse Robertson, we host :

Paint Nights around town at local restaurants and pubs

in home private paint parties

 corporate team building events

and fundraisers.

We believe painting is fun as well as good for you body, mind and spirit!

Keep It Colourful - Paint Night